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"Words between shores" - Migration and literary expression

"Words between shores" was a thought-provoking event recently organized by the Albanian Canadian Development Alternative. This gathering of a small group of readers and literary discussions provided a platform for participants to delve into the profound connection between migration and literary expression, featuring the works of three albanian writers: Ajkuna Dakli, Flurans Ilia, and Gazmend Kapllani.

Throughout the evening, attendees engaged with narratives that spanned continents and cultures through the literary works of the guests . These works offered unique perspectives on the complexities of the immigrant journey, resonating with universal truths and human experiences.

Discussions at the event delved into how themes of migration, displacement, and cultural adaptation are intricately explored in migrant literature. Participants examined how writers draw from their own experiences and those of their communities to craft narratives that authentically reflect the immigrant experience.

The event underscored the role of literature as a powerful tool for fostering empathy and understanding, enabling readers to immerse themselves and gain insights in the lives of immigrants. By examining the intersection of immigration and literary expression, "Words between shores" provided a compelling exploration of the immigrant experience and its enduring impact on the literary landscape.

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