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Albanian Heritage Month in Ontario and Canada

In Ontario, the Albanian Heritage Month Act, 2015, also known as Bill 145, was enacted to officially recognize November as Albanian Heritage Month. This legislation acknowledges the invaluable contributions of the Albanian-Canadian community, which has played a vital role in the province's growth and prosperity since the early 20th century. November carries immense significance for the Albanian community, commemorating both the Albanian Declaration of Independence on November 28th, 1912, and Liberation Day from Nazi Germany forces on November 29th, 1944.

This year, in the first session of the Forty-fourth Parliament (2021-2023), MP of Etobicoke Yvan Baker introduced Bill C-361 in the House of Commons of Canada, titled "An Act to establish Albanian Heritage Month." This nationwide legislation designates November as "Albanian Heritage Month" throughout Canada. The preamble of the bill underscores Canada's strength in its diverse population and local communities, recognizing the enduring contributions of Albanian Canadians to the country's economic, political, social, and cultural spheres. By honoring the historical significance of November for the Albanian community, marking both the Declaration of Independence and Liberation Day, the Canadian Parliament aims to celebrate and preserve the rich heritage and contributions of Albanian Canadians. Through this legislation, Canada seeks to deepen understanding and appreciation for the cultural legacy of the Albanian community within the broader Canadian society.


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