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Anija-La Nave. A documentary night in Toronto


That’s a WRAP on ACDA’s movie night 🎬 featuring acclaimed movie director Roland Sejko and his award-winning documentary “Anija-La Nave”

This documentary brought the audience through a whirlwind of emotions, from tears to laughter, from sadness to hope. It was both a reminder of the dark times of history and a true testament to the resiliency of Albanian people. 

A warm thank you to everyone who joined us in person for the screening in Toronto, Canada and to the @albanianyouthgen for volunteering their time. Every single attendee helped make the event a shining success. 

ACDA would also like to extend the following heartfelt and warm thank you to Mr. Kadri Dakaj, General Consul of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Visar Cela, Deputy Consul of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Sead Sadikoski, General Consul of the Republic of North Macedonia, and Mr. Francesco Sorbara, Member of Parliament for Vaughan-Woodbridge and Chair of Canada-Europe Parliamentary Association for their support and attendance. 🌎 

A final thank you is dedicated to Roland Sejko. Thank you for making the journey to Canada and for your thoughtful, wise and poised answers during the question and answer session. We were all left in awe of your eye-opening documentary. 

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