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Concert on the occasion of the 35th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Albania and Canada

This year marks the 35th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Albania and Canada. The history of exchanges between these two countries dates back much earlier. While its impact on Albania has mainly been in terms of economy and technical capacities, in Canada, it has been in the form of human resources. Despite being relatively small compared to other communities in Canada, the Albanian community carries significant cultural potential. Over the years, it has made efforts to convey this potential to its host country.

In appreciation of these efforts and bilateral relations, what better way to celebrate this anniversary than with an artistic evening? The event featured the sounds of Albanian music performed masterfully by one of Canada's most virtuoso orchestras.

On December 20, 2022, the Great Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra performed works by Albanian and Canadian composers at the Isabel Bader Theatre in downtown Toronto. ACDA had the privilege of being part of the group that facilitated this musical evening. The event was organized in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Albania in Canada, the Albanian-Canadian Community Association, Albanian Canadian Excellence Society, Albanian Canadian Lawyers Association, and RH Scholarship. The concert showcased renowned compositions by eminent Albanian composers, including Çesk Zadeja, Thoma Gaqi, and Ferdinand Deda, who have accompanied Albanians in their activities and celebrations in their homeland over the years. Experiencing these sounds in the grand city hall, played with dedication and mastery by Canadian musicians, evoked a unique and powerful emotion.

The artistic group comprised both Canadian and Albanian musicians, including Qazim Kallushi, Executive Director of the Great Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra and former conductor of the Albanian Radio Television Symphony Orchestra. Entela Galanxhi, the concertmaster and first violinist of the orchestra, maestro David Fallis, the conductor, and the special guest soloist Michael Bridge were among the talented performers.

Throughout the evening, commitments were made to further deepen relations and cooperation, aligning with the common values and priorities of both countries. Appreciation was expressed for the achievements and contributions of the Albanian community in Canadian society. These sentiments were conveyed by MP Robert Oliphant , Member of Parliament and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, and Ermal Muça, Ambassador of the Republic of Albania in Canada.

The evening's highlights were featured in the Albanian community television media in the province of Ontario, through PASQYRA SHQIPTARE TV.

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