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Anxhela Paparizo

Director for Art and Culture

With over 20 years in Public Administration, Angela Paparizo brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for arts and culture. Holding a Master’s degree in History and a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Angela is a certified Cultural Planner from the University of British Columbia and an alumnus of the Executive Municipal Leadership Program at the Ivey School of Business.

As the Manager of Arts and Culture with the City of Burlington, Angela has successfully implemented diverse arts and culture policies and programs. She is a dedicated leader overseeing the Public Art Program and the Burlington Arts and Culture Fund. Angela’s strong community ties are evident in her roles on the Boards of RTO3 Regional Tourism Association and the Burlington Performing Arts Centre. She also co-chairs the Halton Newcomer Strategy Steering Committee, demonstrating her commitment to inclusive communities. Angela Paparizo continues to shape vibrant cultural experiences for the communities she serves.

Anxhela Paparizo
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