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Rudin Dakli

Vice Chair

Rudin Dakli, an alumnus with an MD degree from the University of Tirana, has consistently demonstrated a commitment to healthcare and a diverse array of interests throughout his academic and professional pursuits. Upon immigrating to Canada, Rudin furthered his education by enrolling in the Medical Radiation Sciences program at the University of Toronto, showcasing a versatile approach to his academic endeavors.


Outside of his primary focus on healthcare, Rudin is deeply invested in heritage preservation, education, the transition to digital management of historical assets, community development, and more. His commitment to diverse areas reflects a comprehensive approach to community involvement and a keen interest in contributing to the cultural and educational advancement of the Albanian communities. As the founder of Elbasan Digital Archive and one of the founders of the Albanian Canadian Development Alternative (ACDA), Rudin actively engages in initiatives that go beyond healthcare, demonstrating a holistic commitment to the well-being and prosperity of the community.

Rudin Dakli
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