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Klodian Rado


Dr. Klodian Rado has contributed to several judicial and academic institutions in different countries in Europe and Canada. He has served for about six years as a judge in Europe and has also an academic career of more than 17 years in teaching Constitutional Law, Comparative Constitutional Law, International Human Rights, and International Public Law in various universities. Dr. Rado has also provided continues training for judges, prosecutors and lawyers on issues related to Constitutional Law, International Human Rights, and Ethics. Highly skilled in Immigration Law and Refugee Law, International Public Law, Canadian Constitutional Law, Human Rights, as well as Lecturing, and Public Speaking.

Dr. Rado has served also as international legal expert invited by various international/supranational organizations such as the Council of Europe and the European Union. Dr Rado has published in several leading academic journals and in addition to his academic articles and book contributions, Dr. Rado has carried out several other legal studies and numerous reports commissioned by various law firms, public sector agencies, courts, transnational NGO’s, and other public and private entities in several countries.

Klodian Rado
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