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"The Apostle" - an evening with Ilir Ikonomi in Toronto

Last night we had the honor of having as guest speaker in Toronto the renowned journalist and historian Ilir Ikonomi. The event organized by ACDA with the support of the Albanian Canadian Civic League took place in the charming reception hall of the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto, with notable gathering of keen readers.

After the presentation by Mr. Nador Bakalli, and a welcome speech by Mr. Ilir Ikonomi, the attendees watched a short documentary based on the book Fan Noli - Apostulli which gave the audience the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the content of the book and guide the conversation that followed, with engaging questions from the audience eager to learn and answers with new and previously unknown facts about the life of one of the key figures in the history of Albania of the 20th century.

An immense effort and meticulous research by the author, who, by focusing on highlighting historical facts, dates, events, through the examination of a vast number of documents, periodicals from the relevant period, and numerous visits to the archives of several countries, has been able to offer the reader a splendid depiction of Noli's character, who, despite all his virtues and shortcomings, remains one of the most complex, intriguing, and significant figures of 20th century Albania.

A thank you to albanianyouth for helping manage the event, Pasqyra Shqiptare for recording the event and to all of the audience who made this event special.

We hope everyone had a pleasant evening and we look forward to seeing you at meetings and other events.

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